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Andrea Borghini

The Carnivorous Comeback?

By September 30, 2012

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Lately I have been thinking about some ethical reasons for defending a carnivorous diet. Anyone who has devoted a little attention to the topic knows that the ethical arguments in favor of vegetarianism that have been brought forward in the United States are quite formidable. What is too often neglected, however, is the fact that those arguments are based on a specific ecological relationship that has been created over the past few decades in a few countries; such relationship seems not to be universalizable and, thus, the arguments in favor of vegetarianism may not turn out to be universally valid after all.

What does it take to be a vegetarian, moreover, is by no means a clear-cut question. And it certainly can be disputed whether vegetarianism can lead to varieties of pleasure at the table that are more valuable than those of a carnivorous.

So, all in all it seems that, whether you approach your diet as a gastronomic hedonist or a gastronomic purist, under the right circumstances a carnivorous diet may be even more satisfactory than a vegetarian diet from an ethical, nutritional, environmental, and economic point of view. What sort of ecological relationship do you bear to the food you eat?

After decades of careful reflection and interrogation on the ethics of eating animals, hence, a carnivorous comeback seems palatable. Stay tuned for more updates on the issue!


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