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A-Z Works in Philosophy

Learn about the works that shaped the development of philosophical thinking.

"Meditations on First Philosophy" (1641)
Descartes’s major work, the "Meditations on First Philosophy" (1641) are considered by many the first text of modern philosophy. Divided in six agile chapters, they provide a new foundation for philosophical and scientific thinking, addressing issues in epistemology (skepticism in particular), metaphysics, theology, and ethics.

"The Prince" by Niccolò Machiavelli
The Prince is the most read work by Florentine author Niccolò Machiavelli and one of the masterpieces of Western political thought. It is a small treatise composed of twenty-six chapters and aiming to educate a young adult about how to maintain power in a princedom regardless of the situation. Machiavelli’s precepts subverted Aristotelian...

"The Principles of the Most Modern and Ancient Philosophy" by Anne Conway (1690)
"The Principles of the Most Modern and Ancient Philosophy" is the main work of British early modern philosopher Anne Conway. Inspired to by Leibniz’s work and the Cambridge Platonist tradition, "The Principles" defend an original metaphysical position, which can be characterized as monistic vitalism. The book is particularly penetrating for its...

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