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Philosophical Quotes and Lines

A compilation of the the best and most famous philosophical quotes and lines, explained to the details.

"Cogito, Ergo Sum"
Descartes's Cogito is probably the most famous quote in philosophy: what does it mean?

Philosophical Quotes on Possibility
Possibility is one of my favorite topics. Here is a collection of quotes I have grown to appreciate over the years.

"God Is Dead"
Learn more about Nietzsche's most famous quote.

Philosophical Quotes on Pleasure
What is pleasure? Throughout Western philosophy this notion has been understood in a wide variety of ways and has been discussed in relationship to subjects such as truth, the good, and beauty. Here is a selection of quotes on pleasure, divided into two batches.

Philosophical Quotes on the Sublime
The word "sublime" is rarely employed in today’s parlance. It had, however, its moment of glory in seventeenth and eighteenth hundreds, especially in Great Britain. The seventeenth hundreds saw the rise and development of aesthetics and philosophy of art. The sublime, played a key role in differentiating among types of aesthetic experiences. One thing is to experience the beautiful another is to experience the sublime. At a subsequent moment, a third category was added: the picturesque. In this article, find some selected quotes on the sublime that seemed remarkable.

Machiavelli's Best Quotes
Niccolò Machiavelli is a central intellectual figure in Renaissance philosophy. Although he worked mainly as a statesman, he was also a notable historian, dramatist, poet, and philosopher. His works contain some of the most memorable quotes in political science. Here follows a selection of those that are most representative for philosophers.

Philosophical Quotes on Lying
Lying is a complex activity, one that we often blame, despite the fact that several times it may be the best ethical option left to us. While lying can been seen as a threat to civil society, there seem to be several instances in which lying seems the most intuitively moral option. Besides, if a sufficiently broad definition of "lying" is adopted, it seems utterly impossible to escape lies, either because of instances of self-deception or because of the social construction of our persona. In the sequel I compiled some favorite quotes on lying: if you have any additional ones to suggest, please do get in touch!

Philosophical Quotes on Violence
What is violence? And, accordingly, how should non-violence be understood? While I have written a number of articles on these and related topics, it is useful to look at how philosophers have synthesized their views on violence. Here is a selection of quotes, sorted out into topics.

Philosophical Quotes on Love
What is love? What is the relationship between love and beauty, or love and truth, or love and justice? While I’ve written about those topics, it is refreshing to read poignant quotes on them. Here is a compilation of some favorite passages on love.

Philosophical Quotes on Sex
Sex and gender are among the most debated philosophical topics of the past few decades, and rightly so, as the conceptions of these two notions have changed – I would say matured – extensively. In this piece I shall collect some of the most remarkable statements about sex made by contemporary philosophers. I hope you enjoy them and, if you have any suggestion, please don’t hesitate to send it in.

Philosophical Quotes on Progress
What is progress? Does progress imply some form of improvement? Is progress attainable on this earth? Is progress only technological, or is moral and political progress possible as well? I compiled a list of quotes that reflect on those and cognate questions. If you have more suggestions, please send them in!

Philosophical Quotes on Creativity
Can creativity be defined? Can it be taught? What good is creativity to human beings? In the sequel I collected a number of quotes on the topic. If you have any additional suggestion, please send it in!

Lewis Carroll: Philosophical Quotes
British writer and mathematician Lewis Carrol (1832 – 1898) is renown for his wit. In a simple and direct style, Carroll managed to convey some of the most intricate philosophical conundrums, so much so that entire books have been devoted to the philosophical ideas of Carroll’s, such as "Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy: Curiouser and...

Best Friendship Quotes
What is friendship? How many types of friendship can we recognize and in what degree shall we seek each of them? Several of the greatest philosophers have addressed those questions and neighboring ones. Let’s see some illustrations of their work.

Philosophical Quotes on Catastrophes, Misfortunes, and Compassion
Here is a favorite collection of quotes on catastrophes, misfortunes, and the capacity for compassion, which may be useful especially for those with an interest in ethics, humans passions and desires. Hope you enjoy it and, please, if you have any suggestion, do not hesitate to contact me!

Most Obscure Philosophy Quotes
Philosophers are not always known for their simplicity. Even to make a simple point, a reader may be taken for some convolute route. Here are some notable favorite examples, from classic philosophers or texts.

Jorge Luis Borges's Best Philosophical Quotes
Jorge Louís Borges (1899-1986) was one of the greatest writers of the past century and, to many, he was the most prominent Argentinian writer. Not only, however, Borges was an exemplar writer, he was also one of the most acute thinkers of the past century, so much as that his work is worth of being closely studied also from a philosophical point of view. In this article, I collected some of the most prominent passages from his writings that stimulate philosophical reflection; the list could keep growing, and if you have any suggestion you are most welcome to send it in!

Marcus Aurelius's Best Quotes
Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor. He lived between 121 and 180 A.D. and covered the role of Emperor between 161 and 180. His reign was characterized by a sequel of unfortunate circumstances, such as a malicious plague – known as the Plague of Galen – that spread in the empire between 165 and 180. Aurelius had also to fight wars throughout his entire reign, including those against the Marcomanni, the Quadi, the Sarmatians, and the Germanic tribes. 

It was during the campaign in Greece between 170 and 180 that he wrote his philosophical masterpiece, the Meditations. Here is a collection of favorite quotes from the book; if you have any additional you would like to see featured, please do send it in!

Philosophical Quotes on Dignity
What is dignity? This is by no means an easy question to answer. And yet, dignity seems such an important notion when thinking of our own selves. To start brainstorming about this subtle topic, I compiled a list of significant quotes on dignity. Please send in more suggestions if you come across them!

Philosophical Quotes on Respect
To respect someone or something is to value that person or thing. What else can we say about respect to be able to teach it and to practice it? To start addressing such a need, I compiled a list of quotes on respect, which may be compared to quotes on equality and dignity. If you have any other passage you would like to share, please send in your suggestions!

Zen Philosophy Best Quotes
Zen philosophy is a school of Buddhism, influenced by Laozi’s teachings. Developed within the Mahayana tradition, most probably in China during the sixth century A.D., it enjoys a great fame also in Western countries specially thanks to its short, elliptical, yet intriguing proverbs and sayings. Here below I compiled a list of them; please send in more suggestions, I you happen to have them handy.

Philosophical Quotes on Race
The philosophy of race has been a fertile terrain of dispute over the past few decades. A variety of positions have been defended, ranging from those defending a more biologically-loaded characterization of racial categories to those instead endorsing a constructivist, or a skeptical, attitude towards races. Here I collected a number of the most exemplificative quotes on the topic; if you happen to have other ones to suggest, please do not hesitate!

Philosophical Quotes on Colors
Among the lesser kinds colors comprise one of the most studied cases. This is partly because colors are connected to vision, probably the most intellectual of all sensory organs. And partly, this is also because of colors we possess a rather clear schema, drawing neat relationships between them; the physics of colors is also understood relatively well. Thus, unlike odors, we do have some sophisticated theories of colors. Here I collected a number of the most representative quotes on colors; if you happen to have other ones to suggest, please do not hesitate!

Philosophical Quotes on Equality
Equality is one of the most complex and abused of the philosophically loaded terms. A plea for "equality" does not mean much unless it is specified what sort of equality is sought for; does, when someone asks for equality, we should typically ask –"Equality of what?" Here is a collection of some important quotes on equality. If you have any more to add, please do not hesitate to send in your suggestions.

Philosophical Quotes on Authorship
How should authorship be understood in our society? Does the idea of an author still have sense in the cut-and-paste age we are living in? Here are collection of quotes speaking to these questions. If you happen have any suggestion, please do not hesitate to send them in!

Philosophical Quotes on Art
How to tell an artwork from what is a work of art is not? What is it that makes an object, or a gesture, a work of art? Those questions lie at the core of Philosophy of Art, a major subfield of Aesthetics. Here is a collection of quotes on the subject.

Philosophy of Sport: Quotes
There is a great deal of philosophical substance in sport. Any sport, really. From team sports such as football and basketball to individual sports such as tennis and car racing, it is easy to devise a plethora of philosophical issues that span across most philosophical branches. Here is a selection of the most poignant quotes related to sport that highlight its philosophical significance.

Philosophical Quotes on Food
Philosophy of food is an emerging branch in philosophy. Here is a list of quotes that are pertinent to it; if you happen to have additional suggestions, please do send them along!

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