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Philosophy Study Tools

A hands-on guide on how to prepare for your philosophy assignments and exams.

How to Read Philosophy
What is specific about philosophical reading? Which tips and guidelines can you follow to improve your understanding of philosophical texts? Here is a ten-steps list for the beginners and the more experienced.

How to Write Philosophy?
How to write a solid philosophy paper? Which practices should you follow and which ones to avoid? Here are ten simple and general steps you can adopt.

Best Online Philosophy Sources III: Bibliographies
You have to start a research in philosophy, but don’t know where to start from? Luckily, there are plenty of place on the net that can help you. Here is a guide to them.

Why Major in Philosophy?
Philosophy is one of the most spontaneous and profound activities humans can pursue; but, what can you do with a major in philosophy? Here are eleven reasons to choose the examined life .

Philosophy Writing Tips I
Before drafting a philosophy paper, there are a few things to bear in mind. First of all, in philosophy, clarity trumps style. The fun part is to make all the pieces fit neatly together. If you feel confused, take a break. But the most certain path to clarity is avoiding certain mistakes. This can be easily done. Here are nine of the most common...

How to Pick a Philosophy Undergraduate Program
You are thinking about possibly majoring in philosophy and are scouting for some of the best programs in the U.S.? Chances are that, if you are after a major in philosophy, you have been exposed to it in some way before applying to college; maybe a family member or a friend studied philosophy and you think that the subject may well suit your...

Best Philosophy Graduate Programs
The choice of a philosophy graduate program can be extremely difficult. In the U.S.A. alone, there are over one hundred of well-established departments granting graduate degrees (M.A., M.Phil., or Ph.D.) Needless to say, Canada, the U.K., Australia, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and a few other countries have graduate programs that...

Best Online Philosophy Sources IV: Journals
The advent of internet has had a tremendous effect not only for the dissemination of new forms of philosophical content such as philosophy radios and TVs, philosophy blogs, encyclopedias and bibliographies; also traditional forms of dissemination of scholarly content were deeply affected in a number of ways. Philosophy journals are no exception...

Best Online Philosophy Sources II: Blogs
What are the best philosophy blogs? What sorts of philosophy blogs are out there? The net has revolutionized the way philosophy is disseminated and discussed; philosophy radios abound and recently the first philosophy TV was introduced; philosophy journals have been affected by the change too. Here find a selection of the most influential blogs...

The Analytic-Continental Split
The split between analytic and continental philosophers is perhaps one of the most distinctive traits of Western philosophy in the twentieth century. What is this all about and what relevance does it have to this date?

Friedrich Nietzsche: Sources
Interested in learning about Nietzsche’s life and philosophy, but do not know where to start from and where to find appropriate sources? Here is a list of suggestions for you. I hope you’ll find them useful. If you think there is some entry missing, please contact me.

What is beauty? How to tell what is art from what art is not? These are the two fundamental questions if aesthetics. The first one concerns beauty in its most general form, thus not only artifacts, but also beauty as encountered in a landscape, a sunset, a stone, or a flower. What is it that makes something beautiful? Is beauty always one and the same property, exemplified by entities of radically different sorts?

Early Modern Philosophy
The early modern period was one of the most innovative moments in, during which new theories of mind and matter, of the divine, and of civic society - among others - were proposed. Although its boundaries are not easily settled, approximately it spans between the late fourteen hundreds and the end of the seventeenth hundreds. Among its...

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